Who Is Lena Levterova?

Lena Levterova

I'm a Sales Director (Digital)- Директор по продажам (Digital).

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Limassol, Cyprus

Mobile in Israel: +972-543-944-317

Mobile in Ukraine: +380-973-237-856

Mobile in Cyprus: +357-977-64775


What Am I?

Sales Director (Digital)

The active involvement of new customers, expanding the customer base. Implementation of the sales plan. Negotiations on the top level - management companies. Availability of relevant business contacts with major clients. Ability to work and make decisions independently. Successful experience in personal sales. Analytical mind.

Директор по продажам (Digital)

Управление отделом продаж. Активное привлечение новых клиентов, расширение клиентской базы. Выполнение плана продаж. Переговоры на уровне топ - менеджмента компаний. Наличие актуальных деловых контактов с крупными клиентами. Умение работать и принимать решения самостоятельно. Успешный опыт личных продаж.


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My specialization?


* Google Adwords beyond Search * Building Keyword Lists for Your PPC campaigns & Understanding Match Types * Creating Killer Google Ads * Building Your Google Ads * Quality Score Demystified – Increasing your Adwords Quality Score * The Science behind Bid Management * Local Paid Search Targeting * Landing Page Optimization for Paid Search


SEO skills

*Keyword Research and Keyword Modeling * Search Engine Architecture for SEO * Link building for SEO & Social Media * Content Marketing for SEO * In-House SEO and SEO Project Management * SEO Website Audit * Mobile SEO * SEO Convrsion Optimization * Video SEO * Social Networks SEO


Online performance optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC expert, Yahoo! Paid Inclusion (PI), Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, MSN, Bing, AdCenter, Online Performance Technologies. Olap, Performance Tracking, ROI tracking, ROI optimization, Online Marketing Strategies