About Lena Levterova

An Ukrainian philologist who became an expert in Online performance optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Online Marketing Strategies.


Had built 3 successful businesses in the field of Medical Tourism for others having now a turnover of above 50 Million shekels a year.

At the beginning of 2010 I started to brand my name Lena Levterova as a Social Media Marketing (SMM) professional specializing the Russian language.

She focused in diverting traffic from social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki to my client's website in Forex, Visa applications and online shopping.

Has entered the Medical Tourism by chance and positioned herself as an independent consultant for Russians who seek remedy out of the ex USSR.

See: http://lena-levterova.ru/  Independent medical tourism advisor to the Russian Internet Users.

Later own has built the main site in the field of Medical Tourism in Israel: if you search for תיירות מרפא you will see this site with all the relevant information about the business in Israel. see:  http://www.israelimedicine.org/

Had build medical websites and placed in the top10 search results of the Russian Search Engines Yandex or Google.ru.

The following sites in more than 200 highly competitive and with a lot of traffic.

http://hospitals-in-israel.com/ more than 200 keywords in top 10 please see a full rankings report to PDF






Most major medical health companies in Israel were buying from Lena Levterova Dot Com services.

Her Websites use the most advanced engagement software tools allowing users to analyze and better to compete in the market.

Some of my products and services:

• Medical leads for fix price and Revenue Sharing

• Medical Tourism SEO, SEM, SMM, Russian content writing, Websites building and support

• Medical Tourism Call centre construction and management

Started an online activity from scratch for Amsalem Medical which is part of Amsalem Tours that has a turnover of $200 million and I am responsible for their online success.

Had built an offline network in Kharkov for Global Medical Organisation.

Representing TrustMed Medical Services runs by Avi Atia and responsible for 33% of the company turnover (these day under offer to make an exit and sell them my sites and the brand name Lena Levterova.

Received Yandex recognition for my capabilities and was granted a Yandex agency (the only one in Israel). http://llagency.net/ (Yandex Agency)

What Lena Levterova is doing today June 2016

visit my website: IVFVIP.ORG

MISSION: LL mission is to bring to Cyprus the high standards of the Israeli IVF technology. To protect and fairly reward egg donors. To make IVF affordable to everyone.

VISION: Israel is the world capital of in vitro fertilization and the Assuta hospital, which performs about 7,000 of the procedures each year, is one of the busiest fertilization clinics in the world. Experts say Israel’s rate still far outstrips the rest of the world. Four percent of Israeli children today are the products of in vitro fertilization, compared with about 1 percent estimated in the United States. (source: The New York Times 07/2011)


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